NOAH: Neighbors of Overbrook Association, Overbrook Civic Association

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, the Neighbors of Overbrook Association!

Comprised of residents and businesses dedicated to improving the quality of life in historic Overbrook, NOAH promotes safe and clean streets, beautiful parks and median strips and sound economic development.

Geographically, Overbrook is bound by Woodbine, Lancaster, and Lansdowne Avenues, 63rd Street and Haverford Avenue. It is north of Cobbs Creek and west of the neighborhoods of Carroll Park and Haddington. Approximately, 12,000 households make Overbrook home (37,000 people according to 1990 census statistics). NOAH concentrates on the area between 63rd and 68th Street and Woodbine Avenue and Race Street.

Overbrook is part of the 19th Police District and is in the 34th ward.
We are part of the fourth council district, represented by city councilman Curtis Jones, Jr.. Our state representative is Louise Bishop and our state senator is Vincent J. Hughes. Our congressional representative is Robert Brady.

Overbrook is also home to Morris Park, a lovely wooded area bisected by Indian Creek and a great place to hike and walk and Papa Playground which offers many after school programs for children. Connected to Papa Playground at 68th Street and Lebanon Ave is a community garden and landscaped flower beds administered by the Royal Gardens Association.
NOAH's Board of Directors:

Cynthia Miller - President
Pauline Rosenberg - Vice President & Secretary
Keith Sutherland - Treasurer
Charles Adams - Director
Rev. Jacob Adams - Director
Bruce Cox - Director
Barbara Guess - Director
Lisa Iliopoulos - Director
Eva Wilson - Director